Friday, October 02, 2015

Books for the Basics: Building a Strong Entrepreneurial Foundation

Whether you're a first-time entrepreneur or seasoned innovator, these books will help you build a strong foundation of entrepreneurial principles to move your business forward. 

For folks actively working to start companies, I use this book extensively. Inside it you will find out about the Business Model Canvas, which we now use instead of a formal business plan: 

 Business Model Generation: 

by Osterwalder & Pigneur

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This is the book that has sparked a new attitude about startups: 

 The Lean Startup: 

by Eric Ries

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This is a book the Kauffman foundation recommends for first-time entrepreneurs:

 Who Owns the Ice House? 

Eight Life Lessons From an Unlikely Entrepreneur

by Schoeniger & Taulbert

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My friend would runs the 50+ hamburger restaurant chain, Hero Certified Burgers, advises anyone interested in the service industry to read this book: 

Restaurant Man

by Joe Bastianich

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A great read for first-time entrepreneurs starting tech companies: 

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If you want to mix quant with startup, your math brain will love this book: 

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A fun read about a lot of interesting businesses ideas from England: 

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Putting data and peer-review research behind the process of starting companies from university research and technology: 

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