Saturday, February 11, 2012

Wright Fitness & Cycling

Last Fall my friend April Wright decided the time was right to fulfill her dream of having her own personal training gym. April is a popular Ithaca, New York based personal trainer and indoor cycling instructor. She reached out to her friends and the entrepreneurial business community for support, and the result was that six weeks later, she hosted the grand opening of Wright Fitness & Cycling!

Wright on!

Here's a portion of the list that she knocked out to go from concept to grand opening in just six weeks:
  • Find retail space
  • Negotiate lease
  • Spec out gym equipment
  • Negotiate equipment price
  • Incorporate
  • Open bank account
  • Design logo
  • Build 5 year budget
  • Find lenders
  • Negotiate terms of loan
  • Securing funding
  • Design retail space
  • Oversee build-out
  • Assist with labor for build-out
  • Get URL and build initial website
  • Build Wright Cycling and Fitness Facebook page
  • Install stereo system
  • Install gym equipment
  • Buy and install furniture
  • Create class and training schedules
  • Notify all customers and friends of new business
  • Throw grand opening party!
I should also mention that she did all of this while still teaching cycling classes, working with clients, and juggling the needs of 3 kids with her husband. An impressive feat in such a short amount of time, and a testament to what can be done with the right mindset and support.

Congratulations April!