Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Bam! Boobies!

My friend Kerry Gilmartin just had her third child. Her nipples are sore. It's a simple fact, and her husband Eddie's no help (though he tries!); here's the math folks:

Mom + Babies = Sore Nipples

Like a good entrepreneur, she decided to do something about it. Kerry also loves the environment (she's from Boulder, what'd you expect), so she devised a solution to ease the discomfort of nursing mothers in a way that wouldn't be bad for our planet. The solution? BamBoobies!

One Boobie. Two Boobies. BAM Boobies!!

Besides being a huge fan of the name and branding, I love the practicality behind the product. This is a great product that addresses a real need for women who are nursing. Nursing results in brilliant babies, and those babies don't want to inherit a world full of disposable non-biodegradable products. I really think she's onto something great.

If I were nursing a baby, I'd buy BamBoobies. You should too.

Thursday, February 03, 2011

New Entrepreneurial Friends in Saudi Arabia

Recently I was part of a group of Cornell entrepreneurs who helped mentor/advice/brainstorm with students in business school in Saudi Arabia. Using email and video conferencing technology, we each worked with teams from King Abdullah University of Science and Technology. Mentors included Ithaca and Cornell representatives from Globe Composite Solutions, Enhanced Capital Partners, Singlebrook Technology, Adenios, e2e Materials, Widetronix, Mezmeriz, and Choate Hall & Stewart.

Jon Greene from Widetronix doing his best Oz impersonation

My team started out with a really big idea - fix all health care record keeping and dissemination in Saudia Arabia. While I loved the idea of thinking big, I wasn't sure that was the right problem for a new company to tackle right out of the gate. After talking to 52 doctors in just 3 days (WOW!), they figured out that just acquiring the data was a huge problem. They then formulated a plan - and viable business - that would focus on solving this major problem. However, they also worked into their plan how solving data collection was just the first step in many towards fixing all health care record keeping and dissemination in Saudi Arabia. That's thinking big, and thinking practical. Good stuff!

I look forward to following their continued progress as they take this plan out of the classroom and into the world.

Nice work team!


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