Monday, July 28, 2008

eLab's first graduate: Wiggio

Last summer I worked with the folks at Student Agencies to build a business model for an undergraduate student incubator. That project launched earlier this year as eLab, with Dan Cohen as the Entrepreneur In Residence for the lab. They lab has already spawned it's first graduate: Wiggio.

Wiggio Works in Groups

In their words:™ is a free, simple group collaboration website for students. Wiggio provides students with a toolkit of functionalities that among other things, makes it easy to share documents,communicate within groups, schedule and remind people of events, share resources, and get a quick consensus among group members. Wiggio’s key strength lies in its simplicity— the goal is for Wiggio to be the easiest way for students to work in groups.

This is not a social networking "me too" site, but a productivity tool geared towards the modern mobile student. Check them out. It's free, useful, and simple.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Exit Photo

My brother Cameron just accepted a new job which came with a big promotion. In a poignant and well worded two sentence email, he thanked and said goodbye to the folks he had worked with for the past 10 years. The simplicity of the letter was punctuated with this photo:

Hello Future Moon

The cool thing about this picture is that's a picture of him paragliding on the evening before his last day. Good luck on the new gig, bro!

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Cafepress Acquires Imagekind!

Friend and fellow Cornell entrepreneur Kevin Saliba has successfully led the sale of Imagekind to CafePress. Employees, founders, and investors are delighted.

Lifting the Money

I wrote about Kevin when he took the helm of Imagekind. In less than a year of accepting on the responsibility of CEO, Kevin was able to get the company in position for a fantastic sale. This is even more impressive in light of the current market conditions. Well done!


Also, if you like the art with the girl holding the golden $ sign, you can buy a canvas from Imagekind/Cafepress for only $19 here.