Wednesday, March 11, 2009

How engineers make video compression funny

Recently one of my favorite Dilbert cartoons from my SightSpeed days came up in conversation. I used to have this cartoon hanging in my office in our Berkeley headquarters:

Uh, I guess I am supposed to be the guy on the left

Aron Rosenberg loved to poke fun at the business guys. That seems to be a trend here at Mezmeriz too. With video projection, video compression and decompression is also a big deal, so here we go again with codec jokes.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Peak Pitch Redux

I did Peak Pitch again this year. Last year I wrote about Peak Pitch 2008. What was key this year was the mood. Deals are still happening and businesses are still getting funded.

Economies are like skiers - they go up and down

The mood of most was "this too shall pass", and that businesses cycles are just that. Good businesses get funded in all cycles, and investors still invest in all cycles. So what can we entrepreneurs do about this economy? We can keep making our businesses stronger. We look forward coming back next year!