Thursday, January 25, 2007

Andy's got a job

My good friend and business partner Andy Lufburrow recently took the first job of his entire life. A lifelong entrepreneur, he decided to take a job with IBM. He posts this note and video message in his blog, Luff's Stuff:

Andy in Armonk

Well, it's official now, I am a real IBM Rational Employee. They flew me to the IBM Learning Center in NY to learn all about IBM, and being a part of Big Blue's culture. It's pretty exciting seeing how I never worked for a company over 20 people my entire life, and now I am one of 330,000... IBM swag for everyone!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

River Vids

When not shilling for SightSpeed, or teaching entrepreneurship, I am an avid whitewater kayaker. In the late Spring, I even teach whitewater kayaking at Cornell.

Kayaking with Brad is Fun!

The basic kayaking class is geared towards anyone, but this semester we are going to teach an intermediate whitewater kayaking course at Cornell as well.

These courses are open to everyone - not just students. Everyone from the community is invited. I can guarantee it's a good time, and hopefully one day you will be as good as my co-instructor Jamie. See him demonstrate his advanced skills in these two videos from Cascadilla Creek in Ithaca:

Jamie on Cascadilla Creek, Part 1

Jamie on Cascadilla Creek, Part 3

Friday, January 19, 2007

Bruce on the Rio Negro

Bruce sent out another awesome video from Brazil. This time he took this video while racing down the Rio Negro river in a speedboat.

Boat to the Heart of Rioness

Then he had their guide explain what the Rio Negro was all about. You may think it is all about water, but as this video history of the Rio Negro explains, it is much more!

Pointing out the History

One of the most interesting things he says is that this area doesn't have many mosquitoes. How awesome is that! It's warm, tropical river with no mosquitoes. Sounds like heaven.

Brazilian Monkey

Bruce went to Brazil and caught this video of the friendly monkeys.

Monkey Dance!

As many people know, I am a big fan of monkeys. There are fewer things funnier than a monkey. Adam would probably say a donkey is funnier, but I maintain that monkeys are still in the lead in the competition for funniest animal.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Starting with Sin, ending with Sin

Funny place this Las Vegas. I was in town for CES, and I should be used to the gambling and all that, but really, do you need it right as you get off the plane? Apparently the answer is yes. It's comical in its own way.

Lucky Flight!

I guess I shouldn't be too surprised - it's Vegas. You gotta give'm credit the full embrace of the place. Pretty soon those guys with the little flippy cards with "escorts" on them will be in baggage claim. Vegas.