Wednesday, March 22, 2006

MySpace and Me

I have been messing around with MySpace; me and everyone on the planet under age 25 that is. I’ll admit that I haven't quite figured it all out. Since I did notice that most people have at least one photo of themselves where they are holding the camera at arm’s length, I figured I would do the same with a video message.

What are you kids up to now?

Poking around MySpace made me feel old. What are these kids doing? Is everyone online Goth? Can no one get a friend to take their picture? Who are these random people that are asking to be my friend? (Go ahead and ask, I always say yes)

I figured I had to get techy, so I added this video mail message to my page, and I even got extra tricky by adding animated text from If you want to see my page, click here. I may still not be very goth, but at least I have letters that


Monday, March 20, 2006

Sophie's Snowflake

While on SightSpeed video calls with people from my desk, I have been asked me what the geometric design on the wall next to my desk it. It is my prized piece of artwork.

Special Like Sophie

The last time I visited Canada, my favorite 5 year old, Sophie, was showing us how she learned how to make paper snowflakes. She gave me her favorite, and it is now my favorite. For the video tour of my gallery, click here.

Friday, March 10, 2006

The EEP at NC State

This week two vans full of students came by SightSpeed headquarters in Berkeley, California. They were all students in the Engineering Entrepreneurs Program at North Carolina State, my alma mater.

North Carolina State is Here

They had a lot of great questions. The most surprising question was "How did a mechanical engineer end up founding a software company?" The funniest thing about the question wasn't that mechanical engineers can't work in software, but rather the implication that mechanical engineers can't start companies.

For all you Mech Eng students out there, rejoice. It can happen. And when you succeed, you can get a cool shirt like the one in this video blog.