Take you mother to class day

Usually you don't want your mother to come to class, but in my case it was a little different. My mother was in town from Los Angeles and wanted to attend the first day of my class at Ithaca College called "Entrepreneurial Innovation". The class is about how to generate, validate, and communicate a strong business concept. As part of the first day's activities, I asked everyone to go around the room and introduce themselves, and share one interesting thing about themselves. I had my mother go last, and having her talk at all was a potentially risky situation because of the possibility of her telling a tale from my childhood.

Oh, the stories I could tell
Fortunately, she just said "I'm from Michigan, I raised 4 wonderful kids in Charlotte, and now I live in Los Angeles".


It was fun in the following days of her visit to talk about new business ideas she had come up with. From just the first class, she was already on a roll.