Accidental Donation

I recently received an email that really touched me. It was from someone who I have not spoken to in a few years, but had been checking in on my blog from time to time. She recently read my post from February about how Lily came into our lives. This person is not a resident of Ithaca - or even New York - but she was so moved by the story that she made a donation to a local dog shelter in Lily's honor.

Thanks friend!

This friend was not the only one who was curious about Lily. I have received a large handful of inquiries about the little wagger from folks requesting an update. I am happy to report that Lily is happy and healthy. Maybe a little too healthy because we just put her on skinny girl dog food so she could lose a few lb's. Lily and Colby are best of friends, and despite their 50 pound weight difference, they still like to play and rough house all day, and then cuddle at night. The accidental dog is now accidentally part of our family.