Someone just stole my tech transfer guy!

For the past decade, through two companies, and a handful of other stalled starts, I've worked with the same patent and technology transfer guy at Cornell, Scott MacFarlane. Scott and I fought and argued and raised our voices and yelled at each over over deals. We've argued about big things like percent equity ownership, and we've fought about little things like choosing the right phrasing of a patent claim. It never came to blows, and it was always respectful, and I grudgingly admit now that every now and then he was right. Very grudgingly.

Recently Scott was hired on to lead the patent and technology transfer office at Upstate Medical University in Syracuse. We wished him well on his new adventure, and we are sorry to see a guy go who really gets it.

Somehow, they'll get the last laugh here.

While not the teary-eyed set, the local Ithaca entrepreneurs saw this as a bittersweet moment. We poured some beers, and wished him well. We'll keep fighting over the details of the patent language, it just won't be as interesting.

Cheers and Good Luck, Scott!