My friend David Bloom just rebranded his company, and I love the new name, look, and feel. The company is Ordr.in, and their mission is to make it easy for restaurants to connect with customers, and customers with restaurants.

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This isn't yet another food ordering portal. We have enough of those. As a veteran of that industry, David saw a problem that restaurants were constantly fighting to drive customers to their tables or their website. But marketing is time consuming, expensive and a huge distraction from actually running a restaurant. A huge struggle and a real pain in their side.

Like a good entrepreneur, he set out to solve a straightforward question about a particular pain point: "How can I make it easier for restaurants to get in front of customers where they already are?" He started with hotels by creating virtual room service thats links restaurant ordering systems directly to hotel wifi. Now he is working on other places where restaurants can find hungry customers.

I'll not go into too much minutia about how it works, so I'll summarize it this way:

If you are a restaurant who wants to get more orders from hotel guests and others, click here.

If you have a hungry audience, hotel guests or otherwise, and want a commission when someone orders, click here.

If you are a software developer who wants to build a web site or mobile app that pays a commission each time a user orders in, click here

For everyone else, it's possible that the next time you have a great experience ordering in your hotel room, you can know that Ordr.in probably made it possible.