You All Aboard for Adventure?

YallAboard is a new Boston-based startup that is putting together affordable adventure travel packages for young professionals. Through a lot of work, they have been able to pull together a number of interesting travel deals that they'll be rolling out throughout the year. This is a great way to do something new and interesting, with people who are new and interesting.


Dan and Drew were students of Cornell Entrepreneur in Residence Jim Quest. After I posted a little promotion for them on Twitter, they reached out to me and introduced themselves. During a trip to Boston last fall, I had the opportunity to meet them face-to-face and walk through their business plan and offer whatever advice and experience I could. I could tell they were smart and hardworking, and I was excited to see them launch their first promotion this month, Snowkiting!

But then they went the extra mile and did something unexpected. They sent me a thank-you postcard. That's right, two young guys running a website-based business sent a piece of paper via snail mail. I love it!

That's old school, in a good way

To Dan and Drew, you're welcome. Congratulations on the launch. Keep up the good work!