The Porch in Winter

We have this great big social porch at our house. My friend and fellow entrepreneur Sean Neville lists this porch as one of his 5 favorite places. It's really about the people, conversations, atmosphere, and beverages that happen there.

To extend the porch's usefulness as the weather turned, my dear wife had the brilliant idea of getting an outdoor heater. It's a hit! Not only were we comfortable outdoors as the weather turned colder, but now we have a conversation piece with any of the neighbors who walk by and feel its warmth. They usually stop and say "Hi", which adds to the porch's ambiance.

Enjoying the Tropical Warmth of an Ithaca Winter

Sadly, the snow got ahead of us and we had to shut down porch living for the season. If you stroll by in the early springtime, stop to warm your hands. We'll be back!