Barn Poker, Post Doc

We've had a long running poker game in Ithaca between the MBA's and the PhD's. We typically play in the barn of our friend Steve. It's out in the country and smells like sawdust. The game is more about the company then the stakes. If it's good night, you'll lose $20. If it's a bad night, you'll lose $20. The poker isn't nearly as important at the conversation.

I got this one, Oui?

We talk about the latest research in behavioral physiology, and ruminate on what we would or would not do for a Klondike bar. We have also been known to harass people's idiotic game play, and to question the manner in which a few of the homely guys ended up with supermodels as wives. And we have a special meaning for the phrase "Booyah", which I can't share, but it is way beyond R-rated.

The games have become less frequent as our PhD friends have taken jobs around the world, but every so often one of them will find their way back to Ithaca and we'll have a game with as many of the old crew as we can pull together. We recently invited back our friend Kevyn, who now teaches in France. It was good to see him, except that he took all of our US money.

Zut alor!