Orthogonal is out to win the $1MM MassChallenge

Ithaca based Orthogonal Inc. has advanced to the second round of the MassChallenge startup business competition and they need your help!

Pointing to Good Green Things

Based on patent-pending Cornell research, Orthogonal is a specialty chemicals company whose products enable electronics manufacturers to produce the next generation of electronics that are unbreakable, wallpaper thin, and environmentally friendly. Furthermore, not only are the things they make good for the environment, but using their chemicals, the WAY they are made is good for the environment.

So here's how you can help:

The MassChallenge is a new global annual startup competition with the objective of promoting innovation, collaboration, and commercialization. You can help Orthogonal win the competition by registering with MassChallenge and giving Orthogonal a 5-star rating. Go here and check "Supporter" to get started. Once you register, type Orthogonal into the search bar and you'll find their page. Then give them 5 stars! It will just take a few moments, but will mean a lot. Thanks!

A Mass-ive Opportunity