Sometimes entrepreneurs get married too

This past weekend I had the pleasure of attending the wedding of my longtime friend Andy Lufburrow. I could tell you all about what a great entrepreneur he is and all that sort of stuff I tend to write about, but really it was about seeing a good friend take a major step in his life.

The start of a new venture

Some of you may remember Andy as a regular feature on this blog and most famously as SightSpeed member #4, others have more colorful recollections that I'll not post here. Nonetheless, he's a great guy and a great entrepreneur who I count as one of my closest friends.

Not the first time I have leaned on Andy

In closing, I'll quote Andy's brother John quoting Scottish sages:

"To make a marriage a success, you should never lie, cheat,or drink.

However, if you must lie, lie in Heather's arms.

If you must cheat, cheat death.

If you must drink, drink with us!"