A bunny suit means I'm helping

This is the flyer for the 2010 Creative Core $200K Business plan competition
(click on image for larger view)
Standing Out of Place

Mezmeriz is on this flyer because we won the event in 2008. What's funny about the flyer is the picture. First off, I've only been into the clean room twice. This picture was one of two times, and it was just so they could take a picture of me in the clean room. Equally amusing is that I don't ever get to touch the wafers or mirrors or anything fragile. I tend to break fragile things. However in this picture, it looks like I am Shahyaan's able and indispensable assistant. Shahyaan, You're Welcome!

Anyways, you should enter this event. It's a great focal point for any startup. If you want to hear about how to win a business plan competition, check out these videos.


Unknown said…
Too often, a person's second degree is a departure from science/engineering.. where the core of a company service/product rests. The ones in this group are rockin' along.
They're mostly Cornell, who stayed in science