That Informal Support

I have written before about our little informal entrepreneurship club here in Ithaca. I wanted to share a few pictures of one of our sessions from the Spring. Greg Hubbell of Sound Reading was working on his venture capital presentation, and the group was there to provide support, insight, and opinion.

Have beer, will opine

The audience included CEO's and Founders from Simply Audiobooks, Novomer, Instinctiv, Orthogonal, Mezmeriz, plus a few aspiring entrepreneurs and Cornell business school students, including future members of BR Ventures.

One more time with passion

This last picture was taken slightly after Midnight when the rest of the was group long past their first beer. Greg got his presentation dialed in and was able to take his pitch on the road the next day, winning money in a venture capital competition, and attracting new professional investors to the company. He still has a ton of work to do with this promising startups, but I am glad we could help along the way.