3D is all the rage -- at nerdy tech conferences

In the past month I have attend three major display industry trade shows, SID, ProjectionSummit, and InfoCOMM. As is typical with these types of tech shows, the new, cool thing gets a lot of attention, and more and more, it's 3-Dimensional displays. (and, ahem, picoprojectors).

I see 3D people

In between people throwing out big fancy concepts like anaglyph, psychovisual, and switching polarizers - I got to see these things in action, and they are AWESOME! Samsung had one that the glasses had a sensor, and as I moved, the 3D plane on the screen moved too. A lot of fun, and makes me look at my fancy HDTV as downright mundane.

The holy grail of this world is a glasses-free 3D display, just like we saw in the first Star Wars. I think it's telling that even in the visionary world of Star Wars, the image is low-def. This stuff isn't easy to do, but it's cool!