Scott Murphy for Congress

One of the investors in Mezmeriz is running for Congress! I found this out via the entrepreneurial gossip hotline (the only thing faster than email). Scott Murphy of Advantage Capital has declared his intention to run, and I wholeheartedly endorse him!

Run Scott Run!

I'm not saying this because he is an investor in my company. In fact, this is kind of a bad thing for us because we aren't big enough to be on the radar of Congress members. And I'm one of about three Republicans in Ithaca.

The main reason I support Scott is because he isn't changing his tune to get to Congress. Scott has been consistent with his message long before there was a representative's seat vacancy. He has repeatedly publicly stated the same ideals and beliefs about growth and job creation at conferences and seminars that I have attended.

Scott would like to ask for your support. You can learn more at the Scott Murphy 2009 website.