Entrepreneurship Incubator in the heart of Ithaca's Collegetown

eLab is a entrepreneurship incubator smack-dab in the heart of Collegetown, ie. the "student fun part of Cornell". Their fun, funky thinktank/brainstorming space is designed to bring together the energetic and creative minds in a pro-entrepreneurship atmosphere. At eLab, it's all about a supportive atmosphere to make your business idea thrive.

The E turns concEpts into rEality

eLab is having an open house this Friday, and they want everyone to come. They are off to a booming start with their first graduate, Wiggio, having already launched, raise significant angel and venture capital money, and garnered widespread acclaim. If Wiggio was their first, then you definitely want to learn about the other great companies to follow!

When: Friday, November 21st @ 4:30pm

Where: eLab incubator, 409 College Ave. Suite 100S, Ithaca, NY 14850

What: An open house to showcase how eLab is working with energetic undergraduate entrepreneurs, discussions with current and past eLab participants, and networking with local entrepreneurs.

Who: You! That includes aspiring undergraduate entrepreneurs, entrepreneurial mentors, friends of Cornell, and the curious are all encouraged to attend!