My Favorite Analyst

Bill Coggshall is one of the key analysts in our industry. Right now that industry is defined as "ultra mobile projectors". That terminology is likely to change in the future, and Bill and his colleagues at Pacific Media Associates are probably the ones who will coin the term for this new market.

But that's not the most interesting or noticeable thing about Bill. What you notice about Bill is that he dresses like a cowboy. While most of the people at technology conferences and symposiums are either dressed in suits or company-logo-gear, you can find Bill by looking for his 10-gallon hat.

BIG hat, RED Shirt

Did I mention that Bill is also Cornell alum? Probably no surprise to regular readers of this blog. Though he lives in California now, he regularly returns to Ithaca to visit his family here. I am sure he bottles up a little bit of Ithaca wacky to take with him.

I think he keeps it in his hat.