Entrepreneurial Shorthand

There are a few key phrases that get tossed around among the Ithaca entrepreneurial crowd. These typically derive from some longer story, but they work as a quick reference. One of my favorites is "7-minute abs". That's short hand for a wacky idea, usually from a wacky person. It originates from this scene from Something About Mary:

Step into my office

Some other phrases suitable for print:

"You aren't here for the hunting"
Meaning: repeatedly doing something the same way, and getting the same negative result.
Origin: An incredibly crass joke.

"Well wake the gimp up"
Meaning: Stop giving me excuses and go do what I just asked
Origin: Pulp Fiction

"That's $20 Canadian"
Meaning: Not only is it inexpensive us, it's inexpensive to to our northern friends.
Origin: Unknown. Probably originated at the Toronto Ballet after a few Steam Whistles. It has now been gleefully reversed on us due to the weak dollar.

"Cheney '08"
Meaning: Doing something to intentionally annoy someone.
Origin: The easist way to piss off most of Ithaca? Walk around with a Cheney '08 shirt on.

"How about a monorail?"
Meaning: That sounds like an idiotic plan dreamed up by inept government.
Origin: The same Ithaca government that can't seem to fix a pothole is seriously considering installing a podcar monorail system.