Who's That Girl?

I get a lot of wink-wink inquiries about the girl on the Mezmeriz website. I was messing around with the site tonight decided that I liked this picture a lot, but couldn't figure out how to incorporate it into the site:

Wink-wink? Drink-drink

So, who is she really? I can't say.

I used to say something cutesy like "I'll introduce you when you invest", but that kind of made me sound like a pimp. And it's not true.

I have also said, "Pretty tattooed women? Ithaca is full of them!" That used to be kind of a snarky answer, but the recent Ithaca Times came out yesterday with local fitness instructor Frances Pollack and her memorable tattoos on the cover. She's not the same person who is on the Mez website, but it does prove the statement.