Green Skateboards Go Live

Ithaca startup e2e Materials has teamed up with Comet Skateboards to make the worlds greeenest skateboard. It went on sale yesterday and they are already selling like organic ice cream on a globally warm day!

Look into my Green Eyes

You probably are thinking, "Aren't skateboards made out of wood and therefore biodegradeable and good for the planet?" The reason the answer is "No" is in the formaldehyde. It turns out that the nasty glue used to hold all that organically grown wood together is an environmental disaster.

That's where e2e Materials comes in.

The resins and bonding processes used in these skateboards are based on research at Cornell by e2e co-founder Anil Netravali. These new materials and manufacturing techniques result in a stronger, lighter skateboard that is completely environmentally friendly. They are like the Prius of skateboards!

Be cool, be green. Click here to buy yours in time for the holiday gift season!

PS: Mom, I'd like the one with the psychedelic space afro guy on it.