Hey Brad, What's next?

Someone formerly close to me randomly asked "Hey Brad, what's next?". I take that question as a challenge and sincere inquiry. The entrepreneur's lifestyle is full of fluidity and variation. I was asked that question recently by a reporter, and he wrote about it in his article that I would call "Hey Cornell Entrepreneur In Residence, now what?"

My next big thing is Mezmeriz. We are going to make a thin television that is

  • 10x lighter
  • 10x cheaper
  • 30x more energy efficient

We have unique and patent pending technology developed by my co-founder. This is a $25BB market that is growing at 30% a year. It's hot space that is going to get hotter when we come to market.

As a side note, I still find it weird when people call me Mister Treat. My dad was Doctor Treat, so it's not that father/son identity thing. My sister is a legitimate Dr. Treat (*and veritable lost children saint).

I'm just
Brad. Hi, nice to meet you.