Thursday, July 13, 2006

See Jack run. Run Jack, run!

My friend Jack wanted to get back into shape, and help other people at the same time. On October 22, 2006 Jack will be running in the Nike Women's Marathon to benefit the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society in San Francisco. In a way, he is getting into shape both physically and spiritually.

To meet Jack, click here to see a fun SightSpeed video mail he created.

I see a cure, and I am going to run after it

You too can help Jack raise money for Leukemia research and treatment. Click here to help Jack help find a cure by making donation to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. You can also follow Jack's progress on his own personal blog here.

Go Jack! Go!

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ForkliftSolution said...

Hey everyone, my name is Franklin Parada and I have a friend who is Dany Mercado and needs a bone marrow transplant immediately or he will die, he doesnt want to continue chemo treatment anymore as it is hard emotionally and physically, please if you could help out in any way, sending this email to everyone on your llist, if you have anymore question please call me at 519-404-7719 or email me at or this email, i have attached a file of how you can help, thanks for your help in advance.
Franklin Parada

Desperately Seeking Donations and Donors
This is Danny Mercado, the 23 year old who desperately needs a bone marrow transplant, ASAP!

Type of Cancer: Leukemia

The former Grand River High School graduate (2002),

Anyone and everyone can be a donor or make a donation! (If you are of Hispanic decent you have a higher chance to be a perfect match)

= $140 CND (for testing in Canada)
= $250 CND (for testing in homeland, Nicaragua) *where donations help*

Options to make a donation:

1) TD bank, account # 6294972, branch # 67

2) Contact Ileana Mercado (Mother)

Home # (519) 579– 4673

3) Contact Franklin Parada (Best Friend)

Cell # (519) 404-7719

To become a donor (must state for Danny Mercado personally):

- Go to your family Doctor and let them know you would like to get tested for a bone marrow match specifically for Danny Mercado, (fee $140).
Then tell your Doctor to contact Danny’s Doctor , Dr. Neal Denhollander At (416) 340-4365 .

If you can not afford the $140 fee please contact the above numbers supplied for

Ileana (mother), or Franklin (Best friend).

Thank you for your time and concern with this urgent matter,

Family and friends of Danny Mercado