I got a job on SightSpeed

Former SightSpeed intern Sam Tingleff sent me an email today entitled "I got a job on SightSpeed".

Sam relaxing between SightSpeed interviews

Sam writes: "This reminded me that I've been meaning to let you know what I'm up to. Way back at the end of May I interviewed over SightSpeed for a sales job with Novell. I had one more phone interview from Ithaca, then three interviews in San Francisco. You could say that SightSpeed got me the job...

This is my second week. Oh yeah, we moved to Seattle, where I work from home when I'm not onsite. It's a great company and I'm enjoying myself so far. Seattle is perfect.

Let me know when you release a SuSE linux build - I'd love to demo SightSpeed as cross-platform videoconf app!"

Congratulations Sam!