Back to Graduations

 It was great to be back for Cornell Graduation this year!

After two years of truncated and zoom graduations, it was great to be back to the real thing.  As a graduate of the Cornell Johnson Cornell MBA program myself, I know how special it is for the graduates.

The speeches were great, as expected, but what students will remember is how it felt to be there.  To celebrate the culmination of a degree well earned, and a warm send-off to what's next for these students/graduates is what matters most.

The highlight for me was singing the Cornell alma mater.  I'm a terrible singer.  My singing is suupper teerrrible.  But this is a friendly venue with lots of voices, led with infectious enthusiasm by Dean Mark Nelson.  So my bad singing wasn't noticed, but hopefully, my spirit was.

When it's all said and done, it's an honor to be on this stage as an educator to these great minds.  These students are bright, motivated, and ready to seize the day.  I feel lucky to have known some of them, and to have helped them on their journey, and I look forward to seeing the great things they will do.