Accidental Dog

We now have an accidental dog. Lily came into our lives through fate. And she was terrified of me. Spoiler: She likes me now. But to tell the whole tale, I wanted to share the story from my wife's message to a friend after her shift at the Emergency Room:


As a fellow animal lover, I thought you would enjoy this story. I was finishing up a long triage shift in the ER a few weeks ago. The temp was -13 by the time I was finishing up around 7. My last patient that presented to the desk was a single pregnant mother with a young girl. While I was waiting for the OB doctor to answer my page so I could determine if I was sending the patient to that floor or keeping her, I hear a little bark coming from the waiting room. I saw through the security monitor that they were out there trying to hide a little white dog in their coats. It turns out, they had recently moved here from the south and were unable to find housing that would allow them to have the dog. The dog was staying with an aunt in town but they had just rescued her from the house because they found out she was abusing the dog, and prior to their arrival, she threw the her out into a snowbank!

Security wouldn't let the dog stay in the waiting area. We had to put her out in the freezing car with the promise that we would try to take warm blankets out every few hours. As I escorted them to OB, we began talking, and I couldn't help but bond with the adorable little girl who wanted to tell me endless stories of her best friend Lily (the dog) all the way up the elevator. To make a long story short, I quickly recognized that not only was there a dog in need, but a family that was in crisis, a stressed pregnant single mom with nothing and a 6 year old girl worried about her dog freezing to death. It started with an offer to foster the dog for the weekend so she was safe and warm and they could figure something out, and ended with us being the proud new guardians of Lily, the 3 year old puggle who we never would have chosen but somehow seems to have chosen us.

I gave my husband about 10 minutes notice that I was on my way home and was convinced I was going to be met with divorce papers. But he fell in love after about 5 minutes. He still thinks we are "fostering," but I am pretty sure he is on to me by now and knows she isn't going anywhere.
What's a good thing to do before starting a 12 credit semester and working part time?...... Get a new dog!!
Hope all is well

Talk to you soon