MBA Madness; or How to Successfully Make a Career Transition (with or without an MBA).

My friend and fellow entrepreneur Keith Cowing recently embarked on a new journey: he's going to write a book about changing careers. My career path and Keith's have a lot of similarities, so I am really interested in reading his book and hearing how it's received.

Chalking up Career Change

Like me, Keith started as an engineer, then decided to switch gears and swerve into the oncoming traffic that is life as an entrepreneur. Keith successfully sold his company, Seamless Receipts, to Sailthru. Writing a book seems like a nice logical step, and he's going to include his community of friends, colleagues, and like-minded individuals in the journey.

If you'd like to be part of the journey, Keith wants your input along the way. His plan is to write one snack size piece a week(ish) through an email newsletter, and is he looking for as much feedback as possible. Then he'll compile the book when all of the pieces are ready. To get the newsletter, sign up here: