Mezmeriz Unveils Pico Projector Prototype at CES 2013

This past week was a busy and exciting one for our startup, Mezmeriz. For the first time ever, we publicly showed our pico projector prototypes! We did so at our booth at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. We had a lot of interest, and our area of the show floor was constantly crowded with potential partners, investors, industry analysts, press, and all sorts of curiosity seekers.

At the heart of our projector is a unique MEMS technology. As the newest member of the MEMS Technology Group, this was a bit of a coming out party for us on a number of levels. Here's an interview I did where I talk a little about the MEMS and the application in a mobile device:

It was a great show. It was a shining moment for the Mezmeriz engineering team, who built awesome prototype units that operated flawlessly.

Thanks to everyone who came by to visit, and for all the kind words we heard about the demo!