Coffee Connector Retired

At the first Mezmeriz office, we had a nice coffee maker. It was the center of our caffeinated motivation. Coffee became a facilitator of entrepreneurial conversations.

The one on the left is for you

Over a cup of ground Gimme! beans, we'd share tales of challenges and obstacles with starting our companies. Sometimes it'd be about a proposal that hit a brick wall. Sometimes it'd be about a pitch the rocked. Regardless of the what, it was good to know that we had allies and commiserators.

Mezmeriz has now moved on to a modern workplace. We have a high-tech lab. We have professional offices. We have a conference room where you can write big ideas directly on the wall. We have people saying "this place is cool. I want to work here". We evan have a coffee maker that can not only make drip, but cappuccino!

Alas, we don't have the community coffee maker any more. While we'll miss the collegiate atmosphere of our launching labs, we are also ready for the next level. As coffee becomes cappuccino when it grows up, so do we.


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