Pop Right In

Recently I was invited to speak to an informal group of active and aspiring entrepreneurs at Cornell's latest startup workspace, the PopShop. The PopShop is an informal workspace located just off campus that is designed to foster the creative process of business formation. Bright colors, inspirational messages, whiteboards-as-tables, fast internet, and an always-open mentality all come together to create a unique and fun experience.

Pop Up

On this particular day, I was asked to talk about how entrepreneurs perceive risk differently then other people. It was less lecture, and more discussion. We flipped up one of the whiteboard/tables, and different people were drawing pictures and diagrams to help define and refine the concept. It was a fun mini-example of how an interactive discussion leads to a better outcome - and it's how they get things done there.

There is no requirement to be affiliated with Cornell, so if you're in Ithaca and you have a creative idea for a new business and want to connect with some other like-minded individuals, then pop right in to the PopShop at 206B Dryden Road. They're always open!