Entrepreneurs & Endurance Sports

I've noticed a move from adrenaline sports to endurance sports for entrepreneurs. We are viewed as thrill seekers, so most would not be surprised by seeing us kayak off waterfalls, but you might be surprised to see us grinding out miles on the road, treadmill, or spin bike to compete in triathlons and marathons.

Run. Go. Run.

There's a certain amount of pragmatism to things. First, we can have our phones/headphones on the whole time via our smartphones. Therefore, we never miss a phone call, and can monitor emails.

Secondly, we are a competitive yet supportive community - much like the endurance sports community. In endurance sports, it's all about personal bests. The same is true in the entrepreneurial community. We want to see you working to be your best. In most instances, it's not a zero-sum game, and even more rare is the entrepreneur vs. entrepreneur matchup. We see a lot more David v. Goliath.

As such, we all support and encourage each other to be better, faster, and stronger every day. In business and in sport.