A better college bulletin board is no monkey business

Ithaca College students Armando and Fargo have recently launched their website chillmonkey.com. Right now they are testing the waters to work out the details of how the site will work in Ithaca at Ithaca College and Cornell, but their goal is to expand nationally.

A shot of Chill
In their own words:

Our mission with Chillmonkey.com is to stimulate campus connectivity and become the primary tool for exchanging information among college students. Chillmonkey enables students to view organizational information, on-campus and local events, as well as facilitate a student driven marketplace with all content specifically personalized to the user. We plan to revolutionize the traditional, many times cluttered, college bulletin boards by aggregating all information and resources students need into one single location to enhance their college experience. Our service will be a great way to save money for students, colleges, and promote local businesses around colleges and universities.

If you have a college email address from Ithaca College or Cornell, you should sign up today. If not, stay tuned!