Bam! Boobies!

My friend Kerry Gilmartin just had her third child. Her nipples are sore. It's a simple fact, and her husband Eddie's no help (though he tries!); here's the math folks:

Mom + Babies = Sore Nipples

Like a good entrepreneur, she decided to do something about it. Kerry also loves the environment (she's from Boulder, what'd you expect), so she devised a solution to ease the discomfort of nursing mothers in a way that wouldn't be bad for our planet. The solution? BamBoobies!

One Boobie. Two Boobies. BAM Boobies!!

Besides being a huge fan of the name and branding, I love the practicality behind the product. This is a great product that addresses a real need for women who are nursing. Nursing results in brilliant babies, and those babies don't want to inherit a world full of disposable non-biodegradable products. I really think she's onto something great.

If I were nursing a baby, I'd buy BamBoobies. You should too.


Kerry Gilmartin said…
Thanks for Bamboobies love Brad!