A Congressman's view of Entrepreneurs

This week the Ithaca entrepreneurs had a chance to meet with our man in Washington, Congressman Maurice Hinchey.

Listening to the Roots of Economic Growth

The Congressman was gracious enough to meet with an entire group of Ithaca entrepreneurs - not knowing what he was getting into. We felt the same way.

It was a good session. We asked the Congressman to help us grow the economy in the region. We also asked him how we can help him create economic growth. Entrepreneurs create a LOT of jobs, but we are largely invisible because we don't have lobbyists or special interest groups to petition the Feds. He responded by telling us that he wanted to know more, and to stay in touch.

It was a great jumping off point. We listened. The Congressman listened. Now our challenge is to grow the area together. Though Ithaca boasts one of the lowest unemployment rates in the state, we want to say "Don't ignore us and consider this area solved", but rather "We are doing something right. Let's not compare ourselves to the rest of the state, but to the rest of the country. Let's grab this momentum an fuel it to make it one of the country's growth areas"

We think he listened, and we thanked him for his time.

Thanks Congressman Hinchey!