A Sound Group of Entrepreneurs

On May 10th, Ithaca startup Sound Reading won the $200,000 Grand Prize for the 2010 New York Creative Core Emerging Business Competition. Greg and Bruce worked hard to make the dream of winning a reality. One of the key ways they made it happen was by reaching out to Ithaca's entrepreneurial community for support. After the win, they invited everyone from that community out for a party to celebrate. This included other entrepreneurs, educators, venture capitalists, and - most importantly - their families:

Pictured: Support

Their win marks four years in a row that an Ithaca startup has won this event:

2007: e2e Materials
2008: Mezmeriz
2009: Widetronix
2010: SoundReading

A major part of the reason for this trend is that we all help each other. The Sound Reading guys practiced and drilled on getting their presentation precise and their business plan right. Whether it was refining the look and order of the slides, working on getting the presentation under the 7-minute time limit, practicing for the question & answer portion, or working out what to wear and where to stand - they covered everything.

Congratulations guys!

Next year's prize is $300,000! I know of a handful of Ithaca entrepreneurs who are already gunning for it. Who wants to win $300K?