List of New York Companies that Presented at the Department of Defense Tech Forum

I recently attended the Defense Tech Showcase in Syracuse. It was a forum for companies who are seeking, or have been awarded, SBIR grants - especially as they relate to the military. It was interesting to see all these unique companies that are doing some really high tech stuff all in one place. These are small companies that you'd never come across unless you were looking for some very specific technology.

The neat thing about these companies is that many of them have the potential to be huge companies, and the SBIR / Department of Defense launch pad could just be the start for them. At this event, they let a few of the companies stand up and give a venture-capital style elevator pitch. It was fascinating to hear about each company. Here's a list of those who presented:

Applied Visions
Binghamton Simulator
D&R Technical Solutions
Diamond Visionics
Red Tail Hawk

It was great to see such a vibrant, high-tech crowd at this sold-out event. It certainly lends credibility to the notion that entrepreneurship is alive and well in the region - it's just under the radar.


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