Brad Tweet

Twitter was started by the same guy who started Blogger. I like Blogger (obviously), so I thought it was high time I checked out his new thing. Twitter is an easy to use tool for people to update the world on, well, whatever. I have been reading a lot about it so I decided to jump on the bandwagon, not exactly knowing where it was going, but I do like a ride.

Little birdie, what makes your wings so blue?

There are plenty of people who extol the virtues of, and claim to be making money on Twitter. I'm not so convinced of that just yet, but I will keep an eye on this interesting trend. Twitter is designed like text messaging, so you have to be clever in just 140 characters. It's tough to do, but since I do love a word game, that's what I decided to make it into. For me now, Twitter is a word game that challenges me to be clever and/or informative in 140 characters. Bonus points for both.

You can follow my Twitter "tweets" at

While I usually use this blog space to talk about something profound or interesting, this time I'm just curious and a tad befuddled. If I or someone else figures this thing out, I'll be sure to let you know - 140 characters at a time.