Like those old Reese's ads, but with beer

Remember those old Reese's ads where the guy with peanut butter would bump into the guy with chocolate and they'd exclaim that the combination was brilliantly delicious? Well some students at Cornell are trying to make a few such collisions, but this time with the business side bumping into the technology side.

Following the grueling entrepreneurs & angels due diligence session, there will be beer. This beer and idea session is being co-sponsored and promoted by the entrepreneurial MBA's and the biomedical engineering students. It's a brilliant idea.

Like a flash of chocolately peanut butter

  • If you have an idea and want a business buddy, you should go.
  • If you are an experience business person who doesn't have a brilliant biotech idea, you should go.
  • If you like beer and want to see what this is all about, you should go too.

To learn more, check out the flyer.