An Entreprenuerial Approach to Solving the Bottled Water Problem

Jim Quest wants to pay you for the most unique way to reduce the impact of the 60 Million water bottles discarded every year. Jim is the Entrepreneur-in-Residence at the School of Hotel Administration at Cornell. As such, he is looking for a unique, clever, and cost-effective way to solve this problem. He's looking for an entrepreneurial solution.

Plastic and Water Don't Mix Either

Jim succinctly stated his position and approach during a front-page interview with The Cornell Daily Sun:

“I’m not an environmentalist. I’m socially responsible."

With $6000 from the Leland C. and Mary M. Pillsbury Institute for Hospitality Entrepreneurship, Jim has assembled a talented panel of judges who are looking for innovative and realistic ideas for how to address the need bottled water fills, without the landfill the empty bottles create. You can be part of the solution. If you have a keen new idea for how to reduce the negative impact of water bottles, please enter the H2O Competition here.