Big Red Don

Yesterday we had the Mezmeriz board meeting. Our outside board member is Don Greenberg, who has been a Cornellian for almost his entire life. Don is exactly the kind of guy you want on a high-tech startup board. He's knowledgeable in both the science and business of our company, and has a wealth of experience that just can't be measured.

Tennis Anyone?

Don is a model for leading a well rounded life. He is an avid tennis player and regularly beats guys 40 years his junior. I ran into Don one morning at the grocery. He was all sweaty and was buying a large Gatorade. I asked what he had been up to. "A full set of tennis". And it was only 9:30am.

To celebrate his long commitment to Cornell, the university put together a retrospective about Don that includes great stories about him training with with the US Olympic Soccer Team, building his famous "Flying Diaper", and much more. I encourage you to watch it by clicking here.


Addendum: Phil and Maddy Handler at Fly on the Wall Productions volunteered to make this video as a labor of love for Cornell. See and support them at