The Rose By Another Name

When I graduated from business school my father came to Ithaca and stayed at the Rose Inn. We had the celebration dinner there, and he gave me the one item I consider my prized possession - a Seiko with a long back story. That's a tale for another time, today I want to talk about The Rose.

In March of 2004 the Rose Inn was gutted by a spectacular fire. It sat as a burned out hulk until 2006 when Ithaca natives John and Elizabeth Hamilton bought the property they had once been married on with the intent of retaining the nostalgia while taking the place to a higher standard for quality and hospitality.

They changed the name to The John Joseph Inn and Elizabeth Restaurant to emphasize a new management and a new commitment. Their rebranding included a new logo that combines themes from their animal family, as well as locally-located, internationally-reknowned artisans MacKenzie Childs whose furnishings permeate the facilities.

You can call me logo, but my friends call me Prep

Sitting on their porch enjoying a glass of wine and talking to John, you'll be visited by the hysterical duo of Hudson the Lab and Prep the Pig. Sure, there are various roosters and hens and chipmunks milling about, but this twosome steals the show.

Is it my turn for a belly rub?

As CIA graduates, Ithaca lovers, and experienced entrepreneurs, John and Elizabeth exemplify the route of entrepreneurship as a means to achieve a dream. In this case, a well executed, classically fashionable, deliciously garnished, and personally-driven dream.

How's it going so far? It's all peachy. Just ask Prep and Hudson!