Widetronix Wins!

Widetronix, one of Cornell's representatives at the DFJ East Coast Venture Challenge, just won the whole thing! That means $250,000 from one of the best venture capital firms in the world. Well done guys!

I'll have more on this later, but here's a sample stream of emails initiated by our man in the crowd, Justin Smithline:

  • 1:40 pm Justin: Widetronix just made the finals! One of four finalists. Stay tuned...
  • 2:54 pm Tom: Cornell represent! Very nice...
  • 3:46 pm Justin: Guys just went. Guys did well, especially considering the limited prep time-nice job all you coaches! Def the most entertaining of all the groups too. Judges were excited about the idea of a "nuclear battery". All the finalists are rock solid, so it will be close.
  • 5:13 pm Justin: They won!!! No shit!!!
  • 5:33 pm Cliff: WOW!! FANTASTIC!!
  • 5:35 pm Charles: f'n great job! Justin, thanks for the play by play
  • 6:03 pm Me: WHOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!

A exciting day for all of us in our little Cornell-Ithaca entrepreneurship club. Way to represent!


girffe said…
Unbelievable - I couldn't have done it without you guys!