Mezmeriz at the DFJ NYC VC Event

On Monday, Shahyaan and I participated in the DFJ East Coast Venture Challenge. We were presenting Mezmeriz and competing against a truly remarkable field of startups.

Tangerine Tie Dreams

We didn't win the $250K first prize investment money. That went to the truly deserving team from Princeton, SteriCoat. The judging of these competitions has got to be tough because how do you really compare a TV company (us), to a sterilization company, to a truck aerodynamics company, to a dishware company, to a video search company? Apples to oranges to crab cakes. They are just so different.

The question I heard the most after we presented was "aren't you nervous about finding out the winner?" Oddly, the answer was no. The most nervous part is the lead up until the presentation begins. Once I have the microphone and get going, my nerves are smooth. The thing I worry about more than anything is falling down as I walk to the lectern.

The session closed with Tim Draper singing "The Riskmaster", a song he commissioned via a charity auction, and really sums up his perspective on investing. The one way to summarize this guy is that he loves gutsy entrepreneurs, and they love him back.

PS. My thanks to Dean Collins for taking the picture.