Polly Sees Polly

Justin, Adam, and I were working on Mezmeriz this weekend in New York City. Adam brought his little fluffy dog so I shot this video of Polly.

Fluffy and Ferocious

It's easy to get Polly worked up into a tizzy. A you have to do is point the webcam at her. When she sees herself on the screen, she gets agitated. Since I had my computer connected to a projector, the extra large image of herself caused her to be extra agitated.

But really, it's the little pink sweater that seals the deal here. You Gotta give her credit for attitude, but really, how scary can you be when you weight 8 pounds and are wearing a pink sweater?


Ellen said…
um....I don't know...but all I can tell you is that I have 2 cats who are both very frightened of Polly right now! Pink sweater or not. And they each weigh more than Polly does. Too funny!