One Hundred Year Old Haircut

I got my haircut yesterday at the Cornell Barber Shop. This place is frozen in time, in the best way.

They have been giving the same haircut the same way for 100 years. You can go in and ask them for whatever style you want, but you are going to get the same haircut as the crew team. Here's what happened to my shaggy locks:

Regardless of the limiting fashion options and the fact that a crew cut provides no protection against an Ithaca winter, the experience is pitch perfect. Everyone knows everyone. They don't have a phone and they don't take reservations or credit cards. They are going to either call you "coach" or "moose", based on your age. And they use hot lather and a straight blade to do the finishing shave. They have been doing it this way for 100 years, and will probably keep doing it for a 100 more.


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