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When not shilling for SightSpeed, or teaching entrepreneurship, I am an avid whitewater kayaker. In the late Spring, I even teach whitewater kayaking at Cornell.

Kayaking with Brad is Fun!

The basic kayaking class is geared towards anyone, but this semester we are going to teach an intermediate whitewater kayaking course at Cornell as well.

These courses are open to everyone - not just students. Everyone from the community is invited. I can guarantee it's a good time, and hopefully one day you will be as good as my co-instructor Jamie. See him demonstrate his advanced skills in these two videos from Cascadilla Creek in Ithaca:

Jamie on Cascadilla Creek, Part 1

Jamie on Cascadilla Creek, Part 3


brthomas said…
I taught ww kayaking at UC Davis years ago. Here are some techniques pages that I have posted. Let me know what you think of them. Kayaking techniques.

BRT Insights - Whitewater Kayaking.